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Welcome to the CYBRID investor page. Here we offer you a deeper insight into our vision to revolutionize the groundbreaking exoskeleton technology and change the way people work. Our pitch deck gives you a comprehensive overview of our business model, our goals and the market potential we want to tap into. In our FAQ section, we answer frequently asked questions and provide detailed information to give you a clear picture of our strategy and potential. If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting journey and investing in a future that combines manpower and technology in an innovative way, we invite you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to working with you to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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CYBRID is a future-oriented company with the goal of improving people's quality of life through breakthrough technologies. With our vision and product, we could be an ideal investment for funds focusing on innovative technologies, health tech, deep tech, big data, B2B industrial tech or artificial intelligence. Our focus is on scalable and sustainable business models, which makes us particularly attractive for impact investing funds.

Although we are starting with our exoskeletons in industry, the potential fields of application for this technology and everything else we want to develop in the future are as diverse as there are activities in which people are limited by their physical body and its vulnerability.

Our business model is based on three pillars: the sale of our CYBRID exoskeletons, comprehensive services and leasing.

  1. Sales of exoskeletons: Our main focus is on the sale of our high-quality, adaptive exoskeletons, which are initially designed for industrial workers. But our vision goes far beyond that and includes applications in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation and general physical performance optimization. Future upgrades and modular extensions will allow users more flexibility and adaptability to their specific needs. A starting price of €35,000 is planned for the entire upper body. Comparable systems that support the entire upper body currently only exist in the military, at around ten times the price. Due to the high scalability, we can reduce the price by at least 30% in the first 3 years, whereby business cases with some of our current pilot customers showed an ROI after just 1-2 years.
  2. Services: We understand the importance of comprehensive customer support and therefore offer maintenance, repair and, if necessary, training in addition to technical support. This all-round service ensures that our customers get the maximum benefit from our products, that their service life is extended and that we can generate recurring income right from the start.
  3. Leasing: This service combines the best of both worlds. Customers can rent the exoskeleton for a monthly fee, which covers all necessary services such as repairs, maintenance and updates. This offers customers an all-round carefree package and relieves them of any worries regarding care and maintenance. We are also planning to develop extensive analysis tools with the data collected through the use of our exoskeletons. These can be used to evaluate productivity, ergonomics and many other aspects, which offers our customers further significant added value. This concept will generate sustainable, predictable and recurring income that can exceed the sales proceeds over the minimum planned service life of 5 years.

This combination of sales, service and leasing not only enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, but also creates a sustainable source of income that allows us to continuously improve and develop our products and services.

No, we are definitely not just a hardware company. Although our cutting-edge hardware, the exoskeleton, is at the heart of our current innovation, our offering goes far beyond that. An essential part of our solution is the integrated, adaptive software. It enables real-time tracking and dynamic adjustment of our exoskeleton's support performance, allowing it to be controlled automatically without any conscious user input (e.g. with joysticks, buttons, etc.).
Furthermore, thanks to our Dynamic Force Adaption technology (patent pending), it recognizes when the user lifts a weight, for example, and automatically adjusts the level of support accordingly.

The collected data and user behavior is analyzed by our advanced AI.
As a result, we are constantly learning and continuously improving our products and services. The software and data-driven analyses also enable us to offer a wide range of services, such as precise ergonomics assessments, productivity analyses and preventive maintenance.

In the future, we also plan to develop smart and affordable prostheses and body augmentations based on the data and experience gained in the field of exoskeletons. Thanks to our AI model, which becomes more and more trainable with every exoskeleton sold, exoskeletons could already be developed that enable paralyzed people to walk naturally and dynamically (and not pre-programmed) again, for example.​

Our concept is comparable to the Tesla car brand, whose USP is already largely in the software, but whose future value lies in particular in its data sets and the triangulated AI models.


What sets CYBRID apart is its holistic support of the body. Unlike other solutions on the market that only cover specific areas of the body, our exoskeleton provides support for the entire upper body - and that's just the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to support the entire body, which clearly sets us apart from the competition.

Automatic adjustment (patent pending):

Our exoskeleton adapts automatically and within seconds to the user's individual body measurements. This is not only a matter of comfort, but also a decisive factor for the efficiency of the application and ultimately for the acceptance of the exoskeleton by users.

Adaptive Force Control (patent pending): 

With this technology, our exoskeleton can automatically recognize what the user is doing and whether an adjustment to the support is required - for example, when a weight is lifted. It automatically and contactlessly measures the weight and immediately adjusts the support optimally. And the best thing about it? The user's hands remain free and unrestricted, unlike comparable products where joysticks or grippers could block the hands.


Our exoskeleton is more than just a product - it is a customizable system. Users can configure it individually and leave out modules such as legs or batteries if they are not needed. If requirements change, additional modules can simply be purchased and plug-and-play added. This enables the optimal problem-solution fit and the best price-performance ratio with just one standardized product.

Technological innovation:

Our technology is the result of years of research and development. With functions such as automatic body adjustment and Adaptive Force Control for a full-body exoskeleton, we offer a technology that is unique on the market. We also already have several patents pending, which are intended to secure the uniqueness and technological edge of our product.

Market orientation:

We understand the market and its needs. The product is developed in constant contact with our development partners and pilot customers, i.e. we test the prototypes directly where the product will later be used. Almost every key decision in the design and specification of the exoskeleton was assessed or requested by our pilot customers and in particular their workers during visits.

Human factor:

Our product has been shaped by our own experience and the suffering experienced by many colleagues on a daily basis. We know the challenges that physical stress can pose in everyday working life. This in-depth understanding of the problems that our product is designed to solve is the key to its successful application.

Vision and passion:

Our team is passionate about enhancing human potential through technological innovation and always being at the forefront of innovation. This vision and our relentless commitment to success will help make our product work and make a real difference.

Strong support:

We have the support of a strong network of companies, mentors, advisors and partners, including Prof. Dr. Michael Schäfer and the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences. Their expertise and belief in our project strengthen our confidence in the success of our product.

Right time:

We are at an exciting turning point in the history of technology. Revolutionary developments such as the motors we use, developed by MIT, and the groundbreaking advances in battery technology - driven by the exponential expansion of electromobility - have not only become a reality, but also financially accessible. These technologies were the domain of science fiction just a few years ago, but today they are the building blocks with which we are turning our vision into reality.

Right place:

Geographically, we are in the ideal place. Germany, with its robust industry, the hardly comparable appreciation of skilled workers and the reputation for quality, offers us a perfect starting market. From here, we have the opportunity to expand into the wider European market and ultimately on a global scale.

Our target group is anyone who is physically stressed and/or whose physical productivity can be improved.

Here are the most important groups sorted according to their (temporal) priority:

  1. Market entry: We are starting in the production industry, due to our already very extensive network of pilot customers and leads, the very present and extremely painful gap between manual labor and automation (especially due to the shortage of skilled workers & demographic change). In addition, this industry invests billions every year like few others in improving the satisfaction and health of skilled workers.
  2. Expansion: After the successful market entry, the company will move into all other industrial and public fields with high potential, in particular logistics (many contacts, including through Startport), the construction industry, public services, emergency services and many more. It is to be expected that the anticipated economies of scale will already set in at this point and that it will also become economical in the skilled trades, where there is an immense demand.
  3. Medical sector: Due to the high regulatory hurdles, it will only be used in medical facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals, at a later date.
  4. Therapeutic and private users: In theory, we would already be able to mobilize paralyzed people with our AI. However, further regulatory hurdles need to be overcome and the AI model needs to be trained further. The exoskeleton can be used in a variety of cases, such as rehabilitation, for sports training or for private use by people in need, such as senior citizens.

Our two-day presence at the "Maintenance Messe Dortmund March 2022" alone enabled us to generate 40 hot leads with 20+ LoIs with a very small stand. We are still counting on these leads today, as the contact with the pilot customers/development partners we selected generated many more leads via word of mouth, which we can hardly serve all of them.

By Q3 2023 the first successful lab-test was executed. 

Market entry is scheduled for Q1 2025, particularly with the existing leads.

In addition to winning the DemoDay at the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, we have already been honored in a Edition of "Exzellenz Startup-Center NRW" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy NRW (formerly MWIDE).

We are raising € 1,2 million in our seed round.

Of this, € 400k is budgeted for development and market launch preparation, in particular for personnel, material and certification costs.

The remaining 800k€ are for the market launch, production of the pilot series and runway (planned 18 months). The most expensive components are personnel costs, premises and the advance payment for the exoskeletons to be produced.

After market entry in Q1 2025, we plan to reach break-even after approx. 12-18 months.

Our entry market, the German manufacturing industry, is valued at €1.22 billion. Our primary markets, including logistics, production, and construction, encompass a volume of €14.5 billion in our global target markets. Additionally, there is a wide range of other industries with potential applications, from public services to healthcare.

We develop and distribute a high-margin, high-tech B2B product. Our strategy is structured accordingly.

As soon as the MVP is ready for sale and the market launch takes place, we will first target our existing leads. We will purchase all components for the pilot series, whereby we can even source some components, such as sheet metal parts, from our pilot customers. Assembly and commissioning will take place in-house. With the planned 50 sales in the first year, we first want to check and consolidate all internal processes. Furthermore, the risk of necessary improvements or changes to the product is very high at this stage, which means that the number of exoskeletons put into circulation must remain controllable.

As this is a product that still requires explanation and whose applications often have to be determined on site at the customer's premises, competent sales staff are needed to visit potential customers and initiate test runs. Trade fairs in particular are planned as highly effective and cost-efficient marketing measures for further sales.

Our internationalization strategy follows a planned and gradual expansion. The steps are defined as follows:

  1. Market validation in Germany: As a company based in Germany, we use our home market first to validate and improve our products. We use our strong industrial base and high quality standards to build a reputation for high-quality, high-performance exoskeletons.
  2. Expansion in Europe: Following successful validation and an established market position in Germany, we are planning to expand into other European countries. We are initially focusing on countries with a strong industrial presence and high safety standards, such as France, the Netherlands and Sweden.
  3. Global market: In the long term, we aim to establish a presence on the global market. The North American market, with its pronounced technological affinity and strong industrial base, is of particular interest. However, growth markets in Asia are also potential target regions.

Our internationalization strategy is supported by strategic partnerships and collaborations that help us to better understand and address the respective local markets. We also use international trade fairs and exhibitions to publicize our products worldwide and reach potential customers.

So far, all costs have been bootstrapped from equity.
In addition, we have been receiving basic funding from the Exist start-up grant since September 2023 to enable us to work full-time.

Won't there be no more human labor in the future anyway?

Despite advances in automation technology, human labor will continue to play a central role in the production landscape. Human labor has decisive advantages over machines. It is more flexible, adaptable and creative. People can react to unforeseen problems, they can learn and develop.

In addition, our dialog with industry experts, including a production planner at VW, showed that they too are firmly convinced that there will continue to be a high demand for human labor over the next 20-30 years.

Our aim is to support and improve human work with our exoskeleton. By using our exoskeleton, human work becomes not only more efficient, but also healthier and more pleasant. In addition, the use of an exoskeleton is more cost-efficient compared to full automation, especially due to the flexibility and intuition of the human being.

But our view goes far beyond the world of work. We believe that with our technology, we are also able to support people outside the world of work and improve their lives. By using our digital technologies, such as our AI models, we can expand and diversify our products into different areas - from prostheses and implants to body augmentation.

Our vision is to create technology that serves all people and helps to shape a healthier and more efficient human society. Because we are convinced that people will always play a central role and that every individual deserves to be able to use their full physical capacity.

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