About us

Welcome to CYBRID, the result of an ambitious project born out of a hobby. Our journey began with a vision: to fundamentally change the world of work through the use of advanced technologies. In a world where physical exertion often reaches its limits, we recognized the opportunity to not only increase productivity, but also improve the well-being of workers.

From a small hobby project, we have evolved into a team of passionate developers, visionary engineers and strategic thinkers. Along the way, we have developed some innovative technologies that allow us to harness exoskeleton technology to its full capacity. Our goal is to usher in a new era of work support with our active exoskeletons. Everyone at CYBRID brings unique skills and perspectives that are essential to fulfill our mission: to make the world of work safer, stronger and more efficient.

Gerrit Agel, CEO

Gerrit is a co-founder of CYBRID and, as CEO, the link between technical innovations and commercial strategies. With his deep understanding of mechatronics and his experience in prototype development, he contributes significantly to the realization of our technological visions. Gerrit is characterized by his ability to master complex technical challenges while keeping an eye on the big picture. His active involvement in the development of the exoskeleton prototypes and his leadership skills make him a key figure at CYBRID, driving the company forward through innovative solutions and strategic decisions.

Luca Peschel, CTO

Luca, co-founder of CYBRID and our CTO, is the technical genius behind many of our innovations. His passion for mechatronics makes him a driving force in the technical direction of our company. Luca is actively involved in the design and implementation of CYBRID's technological infrastructure, from the development of the exoskeleton systems to the implementation of our IT infrastructure. His ability to translate complex technical concepts into workable solutions is essential to CYBRID's ongoing innovation and efficiency. Luca's dedication and technical skills are an integral part of our success and help push the boundaries of what is technologically possible.

Markas Segalis, CFO

Markas, co-founder and CFO of CYBRID, is a central pillar in our corporate strategy and development. His role at CYBRID includes not only financial management, but also strategic direction in the areas of marketing, sales and funding. Markas' extensive knowledge and strategic skills are critical to developing effective marketing and sales strategies that position our company in the market and drive growth. His commitment and expertise in funding is also essential in securing the financial resources required for CYBRID's continued innovation and expansion. His influence extends far beyond the financial aspects and contributes significantly to the success of our corporate vision.

Prof. Dr. Michael Schäfer, Advisor

As head of the HRW FabLab, he not only provides us with valuable resources and machines that are crucial for the production of our prototypes, but is also a key factor in our innovation chain. His expertise in funding programs is invaluable for a deep tech startup like CYBRID. It enables us to bridge the long development phases and secure funding before we enter the market. Michael's broad network gives us access to experts, potential employees and students for project work. His ability to connect us with key industry contacts and resources has advanced CYBRID in many ways, including procuring trade show appearances.

Felix Franke, Advisor

Felix Franke, Managing Director of Saxonia Franke, is an indispensable development partner for CYBRID. With his company deeply rooted in the manufacturing industry, he brings a wealth of practical expertise to our first target sector. His extensive knowledge of the possible applications of exoskeleton technologies in the production environment is invaluable to us. Working with Felix and his company provides us with direct feedback and valuable insights that enable us to tailor our products to the needs and challenges of the manufacturing industry. In addition, his broad experience in business management provides CYBRID with important strategic insights. His support and commitment as a development partner contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of our products and the sharpening of our corporate strategy.



Start of Development

Initially only in my free time alongside our studies, training and work.


Core technologies successfully tested

Our innovative ideas not only made sense on paper but also worked as expected in reality.


Incubators and networks

By participating in HRW Incubate, Startport and Axolotl, CYBRID was able to make important contacts, validate the idea and visit a number of trade fairs/events, among other things.


Exist Gründerstipendium

The Program enables the founders to work full-time on CYBRID and was therefore a very important step towards founding and financing.

Our Network

In the course of our development at CYBRID, we have built up an extensive and valuable network. This network includes a large number of partners who accompany and support us on our journey. In particular, we maintain close relationships with companies from our target markets. These partnership-based relationships are essential to ensure that our exoskeleton is precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of users and that we do not bypass the requirements of our customers. In addition to the partners listed here, numerous other companies from various industries have expressed their interest in working with us. This broad support and feedback from the industry is a valuable asset for us and plays a central role in the ongoing development and optimization of our products.


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Become part of our team

At CYBRID, we work at the forefront of technological innovation and create solutions that revolutionize the world of work. If you want to be part of a dynamic, creative and forward-thinking team, then you've come to the right place. We're looking for talented people who share our passion for technology and are ready to push the boundaries of what's possible. Take a look at our current vacancies and find out how you can contribute to our success with your skills and ideas. We look forward to getting to know you!